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Penetration Testing With Linux Tools Cbt Nuggets Download Videos

Two words of warning about this Kali Linux training. First, Kali Linux may have hundreds of tools pre-installed, but you still need to know how to use them. In this penetration testing training, Keith provides a thorough review of the most commonly used Kali Linux tools, but you still need an underlying knowledge of applications, networks, and hardware to make them work. The best pen testers draw on their previous experience as programmers or networking professionals.

Penetration Testing With Linux Tools Cbt Nuggets Download Videos

After completing this Penetration Testing with Linux Tools training, you'll know how to use Kali Linux tools for authorized penetration testing and vulnerability analysis of both wired and wireless networks. With at least three to five years of previous technical experience, IT professionals who complete this Kali Linux training will be closer to becoming a penetration tester.

This intermediate Penetration Testing Tools training prepares learners to recognize when to use different tools and software to round out their penetration testing repertoire and provide an understanding of a target's vulnerabilities. This training is also associated with the CompTIA PenTest+ certification.

In the world of network and system security, few subjects carry as much excitement or mystery as penetration testing. But penetration testing has a dirty little secret: a lot of the work is done with industry tools. Sure they're not fire-and-forget or mindless seek-and-destroy missiles, but a lot of the mystique that surrounds penetration tests can, in fact, be duplicated.

This Penetration Testing Tools training is considered foundational-level CompTIA training, which means it was designed for security technicians. This pentration testing skills course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with penetration testing tools and experienced security technicians looking to validate their CompTIA skills.

New or aspiring security technicians. For brand new security technicians, this Penetration Testing Tools training might be slightly specialized -- there are fundamentals about network security that will provide a better foundation for a career at the very outset. However, learning how to use the tools used in penetration tests can make you a better network security operator and can eventually lead to getting placed on pentest teams -- prepare for that eventuality with this training.

Experienced security technicians. If you've been working as a security technician for several years and you've been itching to advance in your career into doing penetration tests, this training will familiarize you with the tools that make them happen. Some are open source, others are paid products, but knowing the tools that support penetration testing can prepare you for the more advanced work of pentests and secure your place on those teams.

There's more to pen testing than tools. Tools are definitely a big part of the job, but they are not all you need. Knowledge, experience, and outside-the-box thinking go a long way. Despite the powers of automation and software, the individual is still one of the most important aspects of pen testing. Be sure to invest the time and effort in understanding different aspects of InfoSec practically and conceptually along with learning about tools.

Metasploit is a pen testing framework collaboratively maintained by the open source community and Rapid7. Metasploit has gained popularity because it helps simplify advanced penetration testing. It integrates with tools like Nmap and scanners like Tenable's Nessus.

Wi-Fi cracking and password cracking are important aspects of penetration testing. Aircrack-ng is a suite of Wi-Fi security and cracking tools that has gained popularity in the InfoSec industry. Some of the things Aircrack-ng's suite of tools enables pen testers to do are:

Fiddler is a multi-platform web proxy and debugger. It enables penetration testers to manipulate web sessions, decrypt HTTPS traffic, and record HTTP(S) traffic flows. In addition to testing for XXS, SQL injections, and buffer overflows, Fiddler (with the aid of the intruder21 add-on) can perform fuzz-testing against a website.

Password cracking is a one of the textbook forms of hacking and an important aspect of pen testing. John the Ripper is one of the most popular password cracking tools available today. It started as a way to check for weak UNIX passwords, but has grown to become a more robust tool. Today, penetration testers can use John the Ripper to crack hundreds of password hashes and ciphers.

Having a particular operating system isn't required for pen testing. As we've seen, pen testing tools are available for most operating systems. However, there is a security-focused Linux distro that many professional penetration testers prefer. That operating system is Kali Linux. Kali comes bundled with many of the tools pen testers need and is designed with InfoSec in mind.

One thing that those new to pen testing may overlook is the need for the right hardware. Beyond the software tools we've mentioned here, there's plenty of hardware used in penetration tests. Everything from special Wi-Fi adapters to lock picks to Raspberry Pis can be used to enable penetration testing.

The tools listed here are great options for getting started with penetration testing. They're also suitable for the seasoned pro. Wherever you're at in your pen testing journey, remember tools are just part of the job. A big part of being an effective pen tester is skill and creative thinking. With practice and experience, even a basic toolset can prove effective.

The 33-part series covers topics such as planning all the inputs and parameters for a successful penetration test, staying compliant with legal and company requirements, and performing vulnerability scans and penetration tests with the right tools and techniques.

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